"When we realize that everything originates from within we will see all the love,Peace and Happiness in the universe is inside”


our security circle, to understand at the level of science, we can address it as an antenna. Just like in the old-time, antenna used to catch waves and send them to our TV, this is also the function of our aura, it catches the waves of the universe. The mind, aura, a subtle body are all the same, just the names are different at different levels.

There are three major nadis in our body, Ida Pingala Sushumna. The idea is in the left of the body, the Pingala is in the right of the body, and the Sushumna Nadi is on the spinal cord. Where the Chakra is formed at the place where these three meet, then these three rivers meet seven places in our body, these seven places are our Chakras, the disease in which the unbalance came, the disease will come to the place related to that Chakra. So the protection layer of these seven chakras is called aura. Now this aura stores positive and negative waves, depending on the words you hear, your aura will be nourished or weakened. Just because of this decrease and increase, you get positive or negative.


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  • I have recently received my yoga certification from the Aura Wellness Yoga Center.  What a wonderful learning opportunity it has been!  As I am a nomad of sorts.

  • Mr.Anilbhai Prajapati હું અનિલભાઈ એમનાથી ઘણોજ પ્રભાવિત થયો છું.મારી AURA PHOTOGRAPHY કરીને એનું વિશ્લેષણ બધુજ સાચું હતું.એમણે કે ઉપાયો બતાવ્યા એનાથી મને ઘણોજ લાભ થયો છે.આભાર  
  • I am really grateful for the journey of transformation I have discovered through Aura Wellness Yoga, since studying my Vinyasa Yoga Course helped me gain invaluable and comprehensive knowledge.
  • I’ve been practicing yoga for 13 years and had dreamed of becoming a certified yoga instructor. With the support of Dr. Paul Jerard.
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